Bionic Bull Coffee Roasters opened its doors in Hitchin in 2016. We were the new kid on the block, roasting beans and pumping out top-notch coffee.

As we hit full steam, the queues grew longer than our roaster could handle. So in 2017, the roastery made the move to Hertford, finding our groove as part of this vibrant community.

It was time to grow up, and we poured our energy into crafting uncompromisingly good coffee. We held nothing back, roasting into the wee hours, experimenting, testing and tasting until our beans were the best.

As well as our Hertford roastery, we operate three bustling coffee shops across Hertfordshire – the Hertford Coffee Lab, the Ware Coffee Lab and the Hitchin Coffee Lab – where you'll be made to feel welcome by our friendly team.

You’ll also find our small-batch, hand-roasted coffee in cafes across the UK. We’ve built our reputation on rich, robust flavours that are grounded in expertise. Whether brewed in a café or your home, our coffee beans are designed to satisfy your good taste.