How Dom drank his way through this
In the two years that I have managed Herts Coffee Labs, we have experienced floods, break-ins and pandemics. The one constant that I’ve always relied upon has become such a staple in my day that i'll have a genuine problem ever trying to give it up. Coffee has taken me through the ups and downs of life, from a sleepy morning black coffee, to my Sunday macchiato treat.
At the beginning of my time with the labs, I worked two days a week cleaning up and running drinks. Before working in a coffee environment, I had more experience in pulling pints, making cocktails and working late nights. I liked coffee, sure, instant with milk and about seven sugars. I’m not saying that there is a wrong way to have coffee, but there are, for certain, better ways to experience it.
Years on now, we find ourselves in the midst of a world-stopping event, our lives put on hold, staff told to go home, leaving us with no idea of what might happen. Coming back from that has not been the easiest task, we are still working on it and luckily for me, we work in the coffee business; I can drink my way through it.
We have big ideas for our labs, taking them further afield and expanding. We’re lucky. Bionic Bull has roasted all our coffee here in Hertford, on-site, since the beginning; this means that we know the coffee we serve.
I see many familiar faces throughout the week, I have found friendships, curated events and had one too many an espresso martini. I see a big future for us here, and I’m excited to be a part of it.
Written by Bionic Bull

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